Cable machinery and equipment

Rotating machines

Rigid stranding

  • Stranding of Al / Cu power cables (ropes)
  • twisting of power cables (insulated cables)
  • stranding of telecommunication cables
  • electrical & mechanical protection

Drum twist

  • twisting of power cables
  • milliken - MV & HV cables
  • telecommunication cables

Double & single twist

  • power cables - strings
  • telecommunication cables

A large selection of equipment for all types of twisting power, telecommunication and signal cables / conductors. more details

New machines of renowned manufacturers POURTIER, SETIC, DALOO. more details

As well as used machines for all types of twisting, electrical and mechanical protection from GAUDER's stock. more details

Extrusion machines

Extrusion machines/lines

  • Insulating machines
  • Machines for sheathing
  • CCV, VCV, HCV machines
  • Power, telecommunication and signal cables, optical cables


  • PVC, PE, teflon, ...
  • Insulation
  • Sheathing
  • Hose production


  • Equipment for unwinding / winding
  • Traction devices
  • Transport systems for granules and granules dosage
  • Other components and accessories for extruding machines / lines

Large selection of machines and machine parts (components) of the rich GAUDER's offer of used and / or repaired extrusion machines. more details

Brand-New extruders manufactured in MAPROM - Gauder group.more details