Our Partners

Trough many years of experience and work in various fields of industrial automation, we have made very good contacts and made partners in various fields of industrial automation, components, supply of used and / or new equipment, suppliers of equipment for industrial automation, electric motor drives, energy, mechanical assemblies and subassemblies.


Of course, it is possible to create a complete project, supply of equipment, construction of electrical and mechanical equipment, designing and writing software and commissioning of the system from the components of a customer's choice. (manufacturer not mentioned here)

Electric motor drives

In addition to these global brands in the field of electric motor drives we are able to provide you with all possible expert assistance for some of the other less known brands or types of regulators that were previously used and now are present exclusively in second-hand equipment that you eventually have.

Cable industry

As the general agent for the Balkans of two renowned French companies in this field we sale new cable machines for all kinds of twisting from optics to the power cables.

In addition to Pourier and Setic, we are also a general representative of DALOO for the Balkans, which is a "daughter" company of Pourtier in China, and MAPROM - French company that manufactures extruders and equipment in the field of extrusion of thermoplastics, primarily for cable industries.