About us

Mikoni engineering company was founded in early 2002. as an independent craft-trade shop in the fields of automatization and electric motor drives. After almost ten years of successful work, we have grown into a new company NEW Mikoni engineering LTD . Given that the majority of those working in a company, is with long experience in the field of cable industry, the logical direction of development of the company is focusing primarily on the area of the cable industry.

The initial direction of development of the company has been in the direction of the design and manufacturing of electrical equipment, maintenance and repair of new and used equipment in the cable industry. Over time, the area of our commitment outgrown the framework of cable industry, so that we can now boast of a number of projects in various industrial fields such as:

Production of cables
rotating machines, extrusion machines, CCV / HCV machines, various types of packaging machines ...
transportation systems, presses ...
food Industry
machines in the confectionary industry, various types of packaging machines for the food industry...

Our development are particularly influenced by the two important events:

1) start of cooperation with GAUDER group - Belgium
GAUDER is a world leader, with a long standing tradition, in the field of trading of second hand cable machines. As GAUDER's agent for the Balkans we have become part of a large Gauder family covering all continents (except the north and south poles)
2) start of cooperation with POURTER - France
POURTER is a company with decades of experience in the field of cable rotating machinery , particularly "rigid stranding" and "drum twister" machines. Cooperation with Pourtier is primarily related to the installation and commissioning of the equipment according to the principle: mechanical installation -> electrical installations -> commissioning -> staff training and trial production.